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In our Agile Leadership Online Course, co-author of the agile manifesto Arie van Bennekum shows what agile leadership really means and gives insights into knowledge from over 150 agile transformations:

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Why Agile Leadership?

The solution to this fast world lies in agility. But agility destroys all leadership structures, doesn’t it? So where to go with classic leaders, managers, department heads? Retirement?

No, the answer is: Become Agile Leaders. Agile leadership is not only important for successfully transferring a product or a company to the next generation. Agile Leadership is also the Key when it comes to winning the “War of Talents”.

How you survive as a leader, what kind of competencies you need to get even stronger through the agile transformation: Arie van Bennekum, co-author of the agile manifesto, shows you in our most comprehensive online course yet.

✔️ Future-proof leadership

✔️ Happier employees

✔️ Stronger company

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About Arie van Bennekum

In 2001, 17 thought leaders wrote a summary for a new way of working, then focused on software development. They called this way of developing products quickly and incrementally, simply and customer-centered, and responding to change “agile.” The Agile Manifesto was created ( Today, over 20 years later we look at popular frameworks and institutions that grew out of the Agile Manifesto such as: Scrum,, the Scrum Alliance,, and Extreme Programming. Arie was one of those 17 people who, at the time, unknowingly developed one of the most significant management philosophies of our time. Now Arie is a sought-after speaker, founder of and the Lead Agile Coach of us, the Agile Heroes.

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→ Understandable start to agile leadership.

→ Deep understanding of agile values, principles and agile transformations.

→ Your trainer is Arie van Bennekum, one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto.

→ You will learn the skills to inspire teams as an Agile Leader and lead them successfully into and through a change process

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Our Agile Leadership online course prepares you for the official Certified Agile Leader (CAF) exam and certification. The exam is optional and can be purchased in addition to the online course.



This course is aimed at the following people:

👉 Managers who do not want to be left behind when it comes to the topic of “New Work” and “Agile”.

👉 Department heads and division managers whose companies are in the midst of an agile/digital transformation.

👉 Managing directors and board members who want to (continue to) make their companies successful in the long term

👉 Project managers who would like to lead their project teams to agility

👉 Freelancers who want to support companies in the digital/agile transformation and coach executive

👉 CIOs who finally want to understand how their IT can become high-performance IT through agility.

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You can take the optional exam at the end of the course. It lasts 60 minutes, contains 60 multiple choice questions and you pass with 75% or more.

If you pass the exam, you will be awarded the official IFAAI Certified Agile Leade certificate. It comes directly via mail.


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